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Me in 10 seconds


I’ve been an engineer, management trainee, monopoly winner and a functional consultant.

Monomaniac, introvertslow thinker, and love finding a different point of view.

Me in 10 minutes?

See my About page.

What am I doing now?


Scroll below for my weekly Favorite song and monthly book read.


Yes I listen to one song continuously till I get bored usually lasts a week. 

I try to read a book each month and am able to keep up with it most months. 

I write an article each week related to personal finance, music, tech strategy or hacks and tricks. Check out my My Blog here.

Image by Austin Neill

What am I listening this week ?

This is so refreshing. Amazed to hear Soni Pabla’s new song after his demise in 2006. He was one of the most popular young punjabi artists that time.


What am I reading this month ?


My first introduction to Haruki Murakami’s work and I’m glad I started with this beautiful collection of short stories. The men depicted are mostly lost and lonely souls, the women that float through these stories are quite progressive independently spirited, I think that speaks well to my sensibilities.
"That's what it is like to lose a woman. And at a certain time, losing one woman means losing all women. That's how we become Men Without Women."
-- Haruki Murakami, Men Without Women

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